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Minor Rant and Promise to Update

Let's proceed with my rant: tags.

I feel as if I recently read someone else make this comment, but just...aaargh already with people who tag their minor characters! And it's happening MORE AND MORE. (On, I've noticed particularly with stories that feature Original Characters as the main character, yet fics are tagged Doctor & Donna -- c'mon, friend, you wrote an OC fic, it's okay, own up to it, be proud!)

It's hard enough to find ANY Doctor/Donna fics, but when you tag your fic as Doctor & Donna when it is in fact Ten & Rose and Donna is the happy-go-lucky supporting character...well, it makes angels cry bloody tears is what happens. I swear to you, somewhere out there in the heavens is a little fic angel who dies a gruesome death each time you lead someone on with your tags. Your fic is NOT a Doctor, Donna fic. It's a Doctor, Rose fic. No one cares or needs to know that Donna is going to show up in the beginning or the end and say "You go get her, Doctor! Follow your dreams! etc etc." So just be a doll and leave Donna off your tag altogether.

So I'm not saying you don't have every right to write what you want, how you want in your fic. I'm just saying be kind with your tags, so you don't give someone else false hope. Or you know what? Put in your description, as I've seen some other nice people do, Ten/Rose -- so that I don't start reading only to find out after 3 paragraphs that this will, in fact, be a Doctor-sobbing-over-lost-Rose-while-Donna-makes-consoling-noises fic.

So yeah, tags. Be careful with the great power and responsibility that has been placed upon you!

On on a non-ranting note -- I WILL BE UPDATING "JUST A BITE" THIS WEEKEND. There, I've committed (in caps, no less!) so I can't back out.
Tags: rant
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